GCS Awards!

2017 GCS Award Winners

Cat 1/2 Women: Megan Heath, Loren Morgan, Debbie Prouty

Cat 3 Women: Isabella Nguy, Haley Smith, Sommers Creed

Cat 4 Women: Elizabeth Taylor, Caroline Burkholder, Haley Smith

Cat 1/2 Men: Robert Loomis, Dmitry Ponkratov, Elliot Baring

Cat 3 Men: Seth Callahan, Tim Mondor, David Heath

Cat 4 Men: David Callahan, Crispin Del Nero, Joshua Marshall

Jr. Women 9-10: Gigi Nguy

Jr. Women 11-12: Almog Horowitz, Leilani Blunt, Sophie Zents

Jr. Women 13-14: Liza Kate May, Francesca...

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Annual Meeting and GCS Awards


The GBRA Annual meeting.

Held at the:

Corner Tavern (upstairs)

573 N Central Ave


1 pm to 2 pm: Election install board, talk about the GCS for 2018

2 pm to 3 pm: Promoters meeting

3 pm to 5 pm: GCS Awards & Party

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GBRA 2017 Documents

1) 2016 GBRA 990 Tax Exempt e-postcard https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zh5YcmVowjNDVFSFJTZ2VqNzg 2) 2017 GA LA Agreement https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zh5YcmVowjRldzZVdYU3NldDg 3) 2017 GBRA Liability Insurance https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zh5YcmVowjMWVyUWNSQVNUQ2c 4) GBRA Balance Sheet https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zh5YcmVowjaEVobXg4cnJQX2s 5) GBRA 2016 P & L Statement https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8zh5YcmVowjSWZjVTBkMzlyZ0E 6) GBRA 2016 Race Fees Received...
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State Championship & Georgia Championship Series Changes

For 2017, the GCS & Georgia State Championships have changed. This year the GCS will only include the state championship events. In addition, these state championships will not award a state jersey. Instead, the winner of the state championship will order their own jersey, and can personalize their jersey with their team logo.
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2016 Rider Road Upgrades

Name= Tony J Luchetti discipline= road, Old Category= 2, New Category= 3 Name= John R Everest , discipline= , track Old Category= 5 , New Category= 4 Name= Justin L Bristol , discipline= , xc Old Category= 2 , New Category= 1 Name= Glen R Feller , discipline= , road Old Category= 4 , New Category= 3 Name= Wesley B Crane , discipline= , road Old Category= 4 , New Category= 3 Name= Brian J Hale , discipline= , road Old Category= 4 , New Category= 3 Name= Carter V Anderson , discipline= , mx Old...
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2017 GBRA Board Announced

2017 GBRA Board Announced

Rider's Representative

John Wilkes Email: GBRARiderRep@GACycling.org

Club's/Team's Rep

Greg Latham Email: GBRAVP@GACycling.org

At-Large Rep

Sean Philyaw Email: GBRAAtLarge@GACycling.org

Promoter's Representative

Betty Hodges Email: GBRASecretary@GACycling.org

Officials/Coaches Rep

John Patterson Email: GBRAPresident@GACycling.org

Velodrome Rep

Mike Barman Email: TrackRep@GACycling.org


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2016 GCS Results Final!

Check them out HERE
The GCS Awards Party will be held immediately following the GBRA Annual Meeting!

When: October 22, 6:00pm
(Annual Meeting 4:00pm)
Where: Whitetail Bicycles 
770 Mid Broadwell Rd, Milton, GA 30004 

Join us for refreshments and some fun while we celebrate this year's GCS winners

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State Championship Results

For the Cat3 State Championship Road Race which was neutralized before the finish due to inclement weather, all riders who crossed the finish with 4 laps completed have earned earned 2nd place GCS points.  Will Eustace has earned 1st place points as well as the State Championship jersey for his boldness to go for a breakaway as well as his >2 minute lead on the field at the time of neutralization.  This decision was reached unanimously by the chief referee and the GBRA Board...

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2016 GCS Standings

2016 GCS standings have been updated through the State Championship Road Race.  Check the GCS Standings page for further details!  Please submit any questions or corrections to info@gacycling.org.

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UCI Bike Rules

With the increasing proliferation and attainability of especially lightweight bikes, GBRA would like the remind Georgia racers that USA Cycling races ARE goverend by the UCI's rules regarding rider equipment.  The UCI currently sets the minimum bike weight limit at 6.8kg (14.99lbs) and riders' equipment is subject to inspection at amateur racing events.  There are in fact a number of rules set by the UCI to promote safety and fairness with regard to rider...

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2016 Georgia Championship Series Races

2016 GCS Races

Mission Source Tour of the Southern Highlands Stage Race
March 4-6, 2016

Blue Goose Road Race
April 10, 2016

PAALS Criterium Georgia Criterium Championships
May 14, 2016

Middle Georgia Time Trial
May 21, 2016

Belton Bridge Classic State Road Championships
June 4, 2016

Healthy Newton Omnium
June 11-12, 2016

Georgia Games Criterium
July 9, 2016
Georgia Games Road Race
July 10, 2016

Georgia State Individual & Team Time Trial Championships
July 30-31, 2016

Rumble at Roebling...

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New Official's Clinic

GBRA is conducting a new official's clinic for anyone wanting to become a USA Cycling Official.  The clinic will be conducted on Sunday, February 21, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM at Our Way Cafe at 2831 E College Ave. Decatur, GA.  The clinic is free of charge, but there is a $35 license fee plus the cost of a back ground check as indicated below.
All officials must submit to a US Olympic Committee (USOC) mandated background check, valid for two...

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Brasstown Bald TT Cancelled

Unfortunately the Brasstown Bald Time Trial scheduled for mid-September has been cancelled.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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The GCS Final results are now available HERE!!

The review period ends on August 29, 2015
If you have questions related to the results, please email: info@gacycling.org

It has been a great GCS Season!
For all of the GCS winners, email: info@gacycling.org with your team's artwork so we can create your GCS jersey, as soon as possible.

Please watch this space for more information about the

October 10th GCS Awards Party

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GCS Winding Down

GCS Results & Awards

The Grant Park Criterium is the final stop for the Georgia State Championship Series! The results should be up to date and visible on the website, this evening following the conclusion of racing.

This year, the Georgia Bicycle Racing Association will host a GCS Awards Party on October 10, 2015. Location TBD.

Please watch the website, facebook & your email for more details.

Thanks for making this a great GCS year!

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Junior State Championships

Fellow Racers,

Due to the postponement of the State Championship Junior Regionals race earlier this month, the GBRA Board of Directors have elected to reassign the Junior State Championship races for 2015. This decision was reached unanimously by all directors present at an emergency meeting on June 8th. This was not an easy decision to make, however the Board feels this change was necessary in order to provide the best possible outcome for our young racers. The following races...

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Junior Regionals Postponed

The Junior Regionals race scheduled for this weekend have been postponed until the weekend of August 8th and 9th.  GBRA has received the following message from race promoter Eric Broadwell:

"After discussions with USA Cycling, Georgia Cycling and our promoters we felt this weekend’s scheduled Regional and State Junior Cycling Championships would be better served allowing more time to bring a quality experience and allow more participants to plan their scheduled races....

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New Addition to the GCS!

GBRA is excited to announce another race just added to the GCS!  The Rumble at Roebling Road is now on the GCS calendar for the weekend of August 8th and 9th.  The race features closed course circuit races on a 2 mile race track just outside of Savannah!  WIth this addition, we now have the following races in the GCS for 2015:

Tundra Time Trial (completed)
Gainesville Gran Prix Circuit Race (completed)
Geinesville Gran Prix Road Race (completed)
Blue Goose...

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Women's Racing Clinic April 14th

GBRA is excited to spread the word about a great opportunity for female riders and aspiring racers in Georgia!  On April 14th Atlanta Cycling in Vinings will be hosting a race clinic and ride with 2011 National Road Race Champion and WCA CEO, Robin Farina!  The cost to attend is only $20 and includes the clinic, group ride with Robin, and post ride Q&A dinner.  Register today at http://womenscyclingassociation.com/news/join-ride-tour-atlanta/

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GCS Standings Page Live!

With results posted from this past weekend's Tundra TT, the Georgia Championshp Series standings page is now live on USACycling.org!  You can chack the current standings at any time during the season at the following link: https://www.usacycling.org/series/georgia-championship-series.

See everyone at the next event, the Gainesville Gran Prix, the weekend of March 7-8!

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Schedule Page Fixed!

We have fixed the schedule page so that you can now sort events by discipline, and also by tme trial, road race, and criterium within the road disciipline.  Hope that helps!  If you experience any other problems with the website please give us a shout at info@gacycling.org.

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2014 GCS Winners' Jerseys in Stock!

The 2014 GCS Winners' Jerseys have arrived from Starlight and will be mailed out the address listed on the licenses of their respective winners.  Do you want to win one of these sweet jerseys this year?  Well, we'd better see you at the Tundra TT this weekend in Cumming!

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2015 GCS Overhaul

GBRA is excited to announce a significant change to the Georgia Championship Series for 2015!  This year, ALL time trials, road races, and criteriums in Georgia will be eligible for inclusion in the GCS!  Hopefully you've been riding over the winter because we'll be getting the series off to a great start with the rescheduled Tundra Time Trial in Cumming on February 15th.  Hope to see you all out there!

Promoters: Do you want your event to...

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2015 Championship Categories

Riders! For 2015 GBRA will be awarding State Champion and Georgia Championship Series jerseys for the following Categories:


JUNIORS (MEN/WOMEN): 9-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18

MASTERS MEN: 35+, 45+, 55+

Plan your category racing accordingly!

-due to logistical issues with separating out Category 2 men, GBRA has elected to combine the P/1/2 categories
-junior categories now match the USA Cycling's Road Development Race Series (RDRS)

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Category 'C' Official Class - Postponed

This class has been posrponed until March 1st, 2015

USA Cycling Category ‘C’ Official Class will be held on February 8, 2015, beginning at 10 AM.  The class and test may last until 5 PM.  The cost of the class is the official license fee of $35  The class will be held  at Our Way Cafe, 2831 E. College Ave, Decatur, GA. To sign up for the class, contact John Patterson (kb4slv@bellsouth.net)

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2015 GBRA Race Schedule Announced

The preliminary 2015 GBRA Race Schedule has been published and is ready for viewing!  Please take note of the following State Championship Races:


May 30th - Junior Track Championships

June 6th/7th - Junior Regional Championships

June 20th - State Road Race Championships

August 1st - State Track Championships

August 2nd - State Time Trial Championships

August 15th - State Criterium Championships


Promoters and Race Organizers: Is your Georgia race information...

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GBRA Welcomes Mike Barman to the 2015 Board of Directors

With the departure of Jeff Hopkins for greasier pastures, Mike Barman will stepping in to fill the role of velodrome rep on the 2015 GBRA Board.  Mike brings with him over 25 years of experience in the bicycle racing community as racer, coach, and administrator.  Please join us in welcoming Mike to the 2015 GBRA Board of Directors!

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Special USAC License Offer for New or Expired Licensees

Are you an expired or potentially new USAC licensee?

Think you might like to race a couple Cyclocross races this season,
but don't really want to pay a new license fee or renew your license for just a few weeks?

Well, no one could blame you, but GUESS WHAT?? USA Cycling has a special offer, JUST FOR YOU!!
Purchase your 2015 license NOW and get the remainder of 2014 for FREE*!!



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2015 GBRA Board

Welcome the 2015 GBRA BOARD

Congratulations to Ryan Collins, the new Rider's Rep!

The 2015 GBRA Board

Ryan Collins, Rider's Representative
Kent Wheeler, Club & Team's Representative
Jeff Clayton, Promoter's Representative
Betty Hodges, At-Large Representative
Jeff Hopkins, Velodrome Representatve
John Patterson, Official's & Coaches Representative


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2014 GCS Award Podiums will be presented at the
final race on the 2014 GBRA Road Calendar
the 2014 Six Gap Criterium p/b Mission Source

Congratulations to the GCS Award Winners
P1 - Jordan Heimer, Phil O'Donnell, Dave Gearhardt
Cat 2 - Fletcher Lydick, Dillon Swaim, Brandon Pruett
Cat 3-  Ryan Collins, Calvin Cheung, Greg Spaeth
Cat 4-  James Todd, Jeremy Spafard, Eric Palacio
WP1- Morgan Brown, Vanessa Drigo, Cheryl Fuller-Muller
W2 - Abigail Aldridge, Elizabeth Lee, Diana...

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