GBRA Board Nominations are Open

The 2018 Georgia Bicycle Racing Board Nominations are open! 

Click the link below and make your nomination.

Voting will begin in Mid-September


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GBRA 2017 Documents

1) 2016 GBRA 990 Tax Exempt e-postcard 2) 2017 GA LA Agreement 3) 2017 GBRA Liability Insurance 4) GBRA Balance Sheet 5) GBRA 2016 P & L Statement 6) GBRA 2016 Race Fees Received...
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State Championship & Georgia Championship Series Changes

For 2017, the GCS & Georgia State Championships have changed. This year the GCS will only include the state championship events. In addition, these state championships will not award a state jersey. Instead, the winner of the state championship will order their own jersey, and can personalize their jersey with their team logo.
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2016 GCS Results Final!

Check them out HERE
The GCS Awards Party will be held immediately following the GBRA Annual Meeting!

When: October 22, 6:00pm
(Annual Meeting 4:00pm)
Where: Whitetail Bicycles 
770 Mid Broadwell Rd, Milton, GA 30004 

Join us for refreshments and some fun while we celebrate this year's GCS winners

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State Championship Results

For the Cat3 State Championship Road Race which was neutralized before the finish due to inclement weather, all riders who crossed the finish with 4 laps completed have earned earned 2nd place GCS points.  Will Eustace has earned 1st place points as well as the State Championship jersey for his boldness to go for a breakaway as well as his >2 minute lead on the field at the time of neutralization.  This decision was reached unanimously by the chief referee and the GBRA Board...

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2016 GCS Standings

2016 GCS standings have been updated through the State Championship Road Race.  Check the GCS Standings page for further details!  Please submit any questions or corrections to

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