Innovative development trends in world cycling

Cycling is not only a sporting discipline, but also a means of transportation, recreation and healthy lifestyle. Cycling has undergone significant changes over the past decades, thanks to advances in technology, changes in training methods and modernization of equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the key innovation trends that are shaping the future of cycling.

1. Technological innovations in cycling equipment

  • The development of lightweight and durable materials

Modern bicycles are made from new, lightweight and strong materials such as carbon and aluminum. This improves the performance of bicycles, making them lighter, more maneuverable and more efficient. read more

Cycling and betting – what to bet on

Cycling is a sport that combines strategy, willpower, and endurance. It has millions of admirers worldwide and is becoming a major attraction for sports bettors. A vast array of betting possibilities on cycling events is now available from bookies thanks to the growth of internet betting platforms. Bettors have unique opportunity to interact with cycling, from the cobblestone lanes of the Spring Classics to the mountainous stages of the Grand Tours. This piece explores the realm of bicycle wagering, emphasizing potential wagers and offering guidance on how to make wise choices. read more

News and trends in cycling around the world at the start of 2024

The year 2024 has begun, and the world is full of new changes, trends, and accomplishments in the world of riding. From ground-breaking technology advances to the rise of new cycle powerhouses, the sport is going through a time of rapid growth and change. This piece talks about the most important events, trends, and people in the world of riding in 2024.

Using new technology in cycling

Technology keeps getting better, which is good for riding because it improves speed, safety, and viewer involvement. Some important innovations are: read more

How to ride a bike on the sand

When cycling on sand, the most important thing is to prevent the wheels of the bike from getting buried in the sand, especially the front one. Yes, cycling in the sand is not the easiest thing to do, but marathon runners do it well. Predict the winner of the marathon race with Pin Up.

Tips for proper sand driving:

  • try to transfer the load from the front wheel to the rear;
  • pedal smoothly in low gear;
  • do not get up from the saddle ;
  • if possible, do not stop; it is difficult to maintain a certain speed on the sand, but it is even more difficult to get under way;
  • try to control the bike with the body, relieving the pressure on the handlebars , avoid sharp turns of the handlebars. Remember: on the sand, a sharp turn of the steering wheel leads to a quick burial of the front wheel in the sand, stopping the bike, and, quite often, to wheel breakage (“huge eight”);
  • try to go fast. Choose a rubber designed for movement on mud and sand, and the sand must be passed with slightly deflated wheels, and the mud with well-inflated wheels. When riding on sand, the bike wears out quickly. This is understandable: getting into the chain and bushings , it starts to work like a file, grinding down everything that comes across on the way.

When driving on sand, it is important to learn to read the condition of the sand by its color. Wet sand (usually darker) is denser and therefore holds the bike better. Get into the desert – get up in the dark and try to roll in the early morning. Cold sand holds the bike better than warm sand . read more

How to ride a bike properly

Suppose life forces you not only to ride a bike, but to ride it far and, accordingly, for a long time. A reasonable question arises, what is the best way to go? How often to pedal , how to change gears ? There is an answer to this question! Also, if you like make bets on velosport, lets try bookmaker 1win.

To go far, it is recommended to catch your pedaling rhythm , your comfortable speed. See marathon cyclists traveling 400-600 km! Many people travel alone. Why not in a group? Because if a person drives at an uncomfortable pace for him, he is exhausted much faster. So, if you intend to go far, then the first step is to catch your rhythm. read more


US Anti-Doping Association

Given the current status of the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs(PEDs) in cycling at both the Professional and Amateur levels, GBRA is taking a close look at implimenting a drug testing program, and an education program. The beginning of our education program will be highlighting some important information from USADA, so please follow the links below to learn more.
USADA Website
Learn about Substances:
Testing Procedures:
Info on Supplements:
USADA FAQ’s: read more

2014 Fouche Gap Cancelled

GBRA is sad to announce cancellation of

the 2014 Fouche Gap

2015 GBRA Board Nominations are OPEN!

2015 GBRA Board Nominations are Open!

If you would like to join the board for 2015, or would like to submit someone’s nomination for 2015, you can submit your nomination to us at HERE


2014 GCS Award Podiums will be presented at the
final race on the 2014 GBRA Road Calendar
the 2014 Six Gap Criterium p/b Mission Source

Congratulations to the GCS Award Winners
P1 – Jordan Heimer, Phil O’Donnell, Dave Gearhardt
Cat 2 – Fletcher Lydick, Dillon Swaim, Brandon Pruett
Cat 3-  Ryan Collins, Calvin Cheung, Greg Spaeth
Cat 4-  James Todd, Jeremy Spafard, Eric Palacio
WP1- Morgan Brown, Vanessa Drigo, Cheryl Fuller-Muller
W2 – Abigail Aldridge, Elizabeth Lee, Diana Ramos
W3 – Kim Campione, Megan Heath, Diana Nelson
W4 – Jane Tullis, Michele Gillman, Isabella Nguy
35+ – Brian Teipen, Marek Lipold, Christopher Costantin
45+ – Theron Colucci, Brad Harper, Kirk Corsello
55+ – Charles Seward, Patrick Flautt, Richard Mauney
JR M – 17-18 – Willem Kaiser, Ethan Sanders, Luke Broadwell
JR W – 17-18 – Rachel Gideon, Diana Ramos, Abigail Aldridge
JR M – 15-16 – Gabriel Mendez, James Todd, Ian Schirmer
JR W – 15-16 – Sophia Broadwell, Megan Heath, Isabella Poore
JR M – 13-14 – Davis Branyon, W. Harrison Nguy, David Heath
JR W – 13-14 – Annalise Oestreich, Jane Tullis, Lily Peck
JR M – 11-12 – Reece Latham, Sam Tullis, Lance Davidson
JR W – 11-12 – Emily Lundstrum, Makena Gates, Paula Rivera
JR M – 9-10 – Ryan Hoppenfeld, Stephen Heath, Owen Braunecker
JR W – 9-10 – Alexa Hoppenfeld, Esha Shakthy, Elizabeth May read more

Marek Lipold Fundraiser

Marek Lipold, loving husband, father, friend, hockey coach, cyclist…Marek had a serious crash, on Aug.2, during the Downtown Duluth Crit and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Marek’s medical bills are mounting.
Marek is one of us.
If you care to support the fundraising efforts, click the link below: