Suppose life forces you not only to ride a bike, but to ride it far and, accordingly, for a long time. A reasonable question arises, what is the best way to go? How often to pedal , how to change gears ? There is an answer to this question! Also, if you like make bets on velosport, lets try bookmaker 1win.

To go far, it is recommended to catch your pedaling rhythm , your comfortable speed. See marathon cyclists traveling 400-600 km! Many people travel alone. Why not in a group? Because if a person drives at an uncomfortable pace for him, he is exhausted much faster. So, if you intend to go far, then the first step is to catch your rhythm.

Rhythm is important. But even more important is pedaling uniformity. If a person rides in a ragged rhythm, then he is exhausted even faster than even if he is not driving at his own pace. The riders even have a trick, how to throw off a cyclist “sitting on a wheel” (riding in a “wind shadow”). When a rider sees that a “freeloader” is attached to him, he begins to accelerate. A person sitting on a wheel detects an increase in speed a little later, and he needs to accelerate harder to close the gap. When he closes the gap, the rider, who by this time has returned to normal pedaling, accelerates again. Several cycles, and the “freeloader” lags behind.

Good, but how to ensure a uniform ride, if the road goes up and down, wobbles in different directions; respectively, and the wind – then in the side, then in the forehead? Let’s say right away: the cycling computer is not an assistant here. Evenly – in this case, it means not with the same speed, but with the same (if possible) cadence. However, some modern cycling computers make it possible to measure the cadence. Understandably, on the mountain trail you will hardly be able to maintain the same cadence. But on slightly hilly paths it is not difficult. It is important to change gears on time. Climbing a slight incline – shift as your cadence falls. In this case, the speed, as you understand, will be different.

What sensations should a cyclist riding far away have, besides the thrill of moving in space? If we are talking about pedaling, then there should be a feeling of lightness. Yes, pedaling should be done in such a way that the feeling remains that it is easy for you. If you feel that each revolution is given to you with difficulty, then the muscles are overloaded. And this will not allow you to go as far as you would like. Muscles when riding long distances should work at a comfortable level of stress.

So it turns out that driving long distances is a complete freebie? Go and find out.

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